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    9. Managing Anxiety and Finding the Silver Lining while quarantined for COVID-19.

    Out of an abundance of caution. Social distancing. Pandemic. A slew of new vocabulary has been thrown our way in the past 3 weeks as the world has been turned upside down and subsequently put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. On today’s podcast, I share how our family is adjusting to our #stayhome orders. I share ways that I’m managing my anxiety and panic attacks, as well as how I’m trying to reframe my mindset. It’s really easy…

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  • Family

    How to talk to your kids about the Coronavirus

    In the past week, most of our lives have been completely turned upside down. Around the world, families are navigating through their ‘new normal’. Parents are trying to figure out how…

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    8. Sarah Garcia Azad: Founder of Humble Bebe

    Today’s podcast guest is Sarah Garcia Azad, founder of Humble Bebe. Sarah is an award winning product developer and mother of two adorable boys. After having kids, she took the leap…

  • 7. Taking Risks

    A couple weeks ago, a man climbed out the side of his 6th floor apartment during a building fire. As I watched it unfold on the news, I couldn’t help but…

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    4. Stephen Lovegrove: America’s Life Coach

    What is a life coach? I must confess, I wasn’t quite sure what exactly a life coach did, but after sitting down with Stephen Lovegrove, America’s Life Coach, I have a…

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    3. Fail Forward

    A good friend of mine once said she was a ‘fear based person’. And while it was intended as somewhat of a joke, I couldn’t help but agree that I too,…