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guess what? My child is wild.

To the woman staring down my wild 4-year-old and then searching the room while thinking “where on earth is this child’s mother”…. I was you. I was the woman who stared at the off-his-rocker 4-year-old boy on the playground or indoor play space. I, like you, eyed his mother or nanny thinking ‘why can’t you control your child?’ I thought, ‘this kid is way out of control’. I thought, ‘he must have little to no parenting’. And all I can…

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Family Screen Free Living

Screen-free Activity: DIY Play Dough

I get a lot of my screen-free, low-key, old school (i.e. lazy path of least resistance) parenting inspiration from my own childhood. So after a couple of days running ourselves ragged soaking up the last bits of summer before we start…

Family Screen Free Living

Screen Free Activity: Painting Rocks

We are going almost three years strong as a screen-free family…and it works for us.  I get that for some families this just doesn’t work, and I certainly don’t judge those that need some assistance from an educational and…