6. Heather Klass: Career transitions and work-life balance

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6. Heather Klass: Career transitions and work-life balance

What happens when you have spent 10 years busting your behind to move up in your career, you are VP, and you aren’t fulfilled. Well, if you are like Heather Klass, co-founder of Little Lamma, you take a giant leap of faith.

About two years ago, Heather had worked her way up to VP of Finance and Operations at a Digital Agency in Los Angeles. She was working long hours and bending over backwards to be not only an incredible career woman, but also an incredible mother to her two boys.

After some soul searching and company shifts, she made the incredibly brave decision to quit. She had no job lined up. No solid plan. But she knew that what she was doing didn’t resonate with her anymore and she needed to make a change.

She eventually through contract work teamed up with Little Lamma, a concierge gifting service, and became their third co-founder.

On today’s podcast, we dive into what it was like to leave her job without a safety net in place. How it is now, working for a small three-woman start-up team, and how she finds balance navigating life as a kick-booty career woman and mom of now three adorable little California boys.

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