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How to Have a Playdate and get some alone time without leaving the house

I just want to be alone is a phrase many moms (including myself) find themselves desperately crying at the end of a LONG week with their kiddos. It seems that even when daddy is home there is still incessant crying out for mommy mommy mommy – gotta go ask mommy’s opinion – only mommy can help with this – mommy mommy mommy – where are you mommy – what are you doing mommy – why is the door locked mommy…

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GIVEAWAY: Ice Age The Great Egg-scapade DVD

Tis’ the season for sick days…which means way more screen time than usual. The little man came home from school feeling super exhausted Wednesday night and sure enough on Thursday AM woke up with a fever, runny nose and…

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Family Movie Night

I live for traditions.  Big holiday traditions and small little family routines.  I have so many memories from my own childhood that center around the little family “traditions” my parents created for us, some intentional, some on accident and…

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Bamboobies + Ergobaby Giveaway

I’m having a baby…like SOON (Like I should have bags packed soon)…so I thought what better way to celebrate than to give away some seriously amazing baby and mama gear.  Our little 1 BR + Den apartment is busting…