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How my Bob Dualie helps me Stay Fit and Active

As a former personal trainer, professional dancer and yoga instructor I’ve always been incredibly active.  After having kids I had a hard time adjusting to the change in my workouts.  I was used to working out all day every day – which just wasn’t possible with one, let alone two kids in tow.  I gained 60 pounds (despite staying active with daily workouts and eating healthy) during my first pregnancy and fought tooth and nail to get my body back…

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Rockin’ Mama FIT: Prenatal Circuit #3

Let’s start off our week by FITting in a great prenatal friendly workout! These days walking to the bathroom for the 500th time can feel like a workout.  But staying active and strong will help you make it through…

Fitness Wellness

Rockin’ Mama FIT: Circuit Workout #1

I am so excited to finally launch our Rockin’ Mama FIT series.  A couple of weeks ago we hopped in the studio to film a 20 min prenatal fitness video, a 20 minute prenatal yoga video and three FIT…