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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Babies 0-12 months

It’s less than 2 weeks till Christmas!!!

If you are like many new moms, it may have snuck up on you.  I remember two years ago when I had a newborn the whole holiday season was a blur.  I honestly don’t really even remember what we got the kids that year and I’m quite certain the entire Christmas was bought via online shopping at 2am.

This year with a 6 month old, 2-year-old and 5-year-old I am ALMOST done with all my holiday shopping – which is WAY ahead of schedule for me.  (I typically like to dance the line of shipping cut off dates.) But somehow, aside from a minor mishap where I had all the kids’ gifts sent to our home instead of to NY where we are spending the holidays, I have got it somewhat together.

The 5-year-old pretty much dictates his wish list now, the 2-year-old is a little more difficult because he has so many hand-me-down toys, but the 6 month old is BY FAR the most challenging.  Because, let’s be honest…6 month old babies are smack dab in the middle.  They aren’t old enough for a lot of toys, and are going to soon grow out of a lot of the ‘baby-baby’ toys like rattles and such.  And honestly…babies really don’t NEED much – especially if it’s not your first baby.

Here is our list of 10 great Christmas ideas for your littlest ones:

Dockatot Grand

If you have a Dockatot Deluxe, the Grand is an obvious Christmas gift choice.  I wasn’t sure we would get as much use out of the larger Dockatot size, but my kids have proved me wrong.  We have used it for sleepovers at their Grandparents’ house, naps by the lake, a cuddle spot for special movie night, and a row-boat when playing make-believe.  We intend to use it when our 2-year-old transitions to his big boy bed, so getting a second one for our 6 month old seems like an obvious choice for a ‘big’ holiday gift likely from the Man in Red.

Feltman Brothers Holiday Dress

I am a sucker for heirloom quality gifts and this one is perfect.  My daughter wore the same dress and bonnet home from the hospital that I did many moons ago, and I love the idea of gifting her a sweet outfit that she can also hand down to her kids someday.  Feltman Brothers is known for their classic heirloom quality children’s clothes.  We chose this Smocked Diamond Holiday dress with matching bonnet and cardigan for E.

Baby’s first bracelet

Again, I LOVE giving little ones that have no idea what Christmas is even about yet, gifts that will mean something to them later in life.  We had this custom Girls Initial Bracelet made from Isabelle Grace with her initials and a little garnet gem for Christmas.

Cuddle & Kind doll

I normally am not a stuffed animals and blankets for gifts kind of girl considering they are grossly over gifted and most parents have a superfluous amount of both…BUT, these Cuddle & Kind dolls are beyond sweet AND are socially conscious.  They are handmade by artisans in Peru, and the purchase of each doll provides 10 meals to children in need.

Oli & Carol Teethers

Babies chew…on EVERYTHING. Teethers are always a good idea for babies of any age – and far beyond.  My 2-year-old is still teething and has commandeered a large portion of his sister’s teethers.  Not to mention hand me down teethers are a little gross, so new teethers are never a bad idea.  I love these sweet Oli & Carol teethers.  They are safe, made of natural rubber and double as bath toys.

Blanket Buddy

These Blanket Buddies by UBBI are adorable.  They are thin muslin blankets that snuggle into a pillow shaped like a fun animal.  They are reversible so each blanket can create 2 different ‘buddies’.

Foot Finder rattle socks/puppets

These DUO foot finders are great stocking stuffers.  I like them because not only are they adorable, but once your little one outgrows them as socks, they make great puppets for little hands. I know my boys will love using these as puppets to entertain their sister. 

First Feeding Essentials

The best gifts for babies are ones that they will need in the coming months – like feeding essentials.  I love the Marcus & Marcus silicone placemats and bibs.  They are so easy to clean and don’t get worn down like bibs made with other fabrics.

Bath Toys

Essentials like bath toys are always a great gift idea, especially since most bath toys eventually get a little dingy, moldy or just gross after a while.  We have had many bath toys over the past 5 years, and these boats by Ubbi are a great choice.  They can be a ‘boat’, a cup to rinse hair with, or a great way for kids to experiment with cause and effect by filling with water and then dumping it out.  These also make great stocking stuffers.

Hooded Bath Towels

My kids love their hooded bath towels. And we always seem to run out.  They love to wear them around the house like little hooded capes imagining they are different animals or characters.  I love these Tula hooded towels for little ones because they are super soft, large enough for a toddler, yet perfect for snuggling up an itty bitty one after their bath.

No matter what you get for your little one, remember – they probably won’t remember! So instead of buying an insane amount of toys and things they don’t need and probably won’t really use, think about getting items that are either heirloom gifts to remember their 1st Christmas, or things that you (and they) will need in the coming months.

For more gift ideas check out my gift guide for toddlers and preschool aged kids

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