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Finding Purpose in a Most Uncertain Way: Why I’m Starting a Podcast

One of my lifelong friends is simplicity exemplified.  She is one of those people who is 100% content with ‘enough’.  You never get the sense that she needs or wants for more – more things, more success, more anything.  And I am always in awe of her.  She has such an ease.  She is happy and fulfilled being a mom, working and enjoying a quiet evening at home with her husband and kids. For some reason contentment seems to be…

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2019: A Year without Blogging

I didn’t write a single blog in 2019. Not one. (Unless you count this one – which I’m squeezing in right before the ‘deadline’.) And you know what…I’m 100% OK with that. In 2019, while raising my three tiny…

Family Friday Favorites

Holiday Gift Guide: Preschool Age

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschool Age Kids By preschool age, most kids are pretty rock solid on what they actually want for Christmas which can make things easier and harder.  My son definitely lets you know exactly…

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D.I.Y Spiderman and Green Goblin Halloween Costumes

How to make your own Spiderman & Green Goblin Halloween Costumes: There are certain memories you have from childhood that stick with you.  My mom always made our birthday cakes even though she could barely make mac & cheese…