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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Shipping deadlines are looming…stores are picked over…time is running out for getting those xmas gifts.  Deciding what to get your not so little, but still so little, little ones is tough when they aren’t quite old enough to really have an opinion.  Here are some great gift ideas that will grow with your kids (aka they will use them for a while) or are fun takes on necessities you may need to restock anyways!

Tegu Blocks

Toddlers love to build and knock things down, but they can also get easily frustrated.  That’s why I love these Tegu blocks.  Since they are magnetic, even the clumsiest little ones feel successful building, and they are still fun to smash down.  My kiddos love just sticking them together and pulling them apart over and over and over and over and over…Plus, my 5 year old still enthusiastically plays with these, so this is a gift that will last a while (which is always a bonus!)

Art Easel

We never got an easel with our first, but our middle child LOVES art.  He likes to color and paint, but has a hard time reaching at the table and isn’t the best at sitting still.  I love this Melissa and Doug easel because little ones can pop over, do some art, and move on to something else easily.  It eliminates the frustration of getting ALL the art stuff out, putting your toddler at the table, and then 2 minutes later hearing ‘all done’!   

Fun Feeding

Anyone with a toddler knows that 95% of your job as a parent is feeding your darn child.  Preparing food, convincing your child to EAT said food and cleaning up after the disaster left behind is probably the biggest chunk of any stay at home parents’ day.  Marcus & Marcus makes some really fun products that make this all a little more fun for you and your little one.  I particularly love the Grasp fork and spoon sets that make it easier for little hands to maneuver their utensils, the silicone placemats that are a dream to clean, and the amusement placemat that makes even the pickiest eaters enjoy their meals a little more.

Bath Toys

You can never have too many bath toys – especially if you are like me and throw them out after 6 months or so of use because they get, well, super gross.  I’m loving the new squirting bath toys that you can open up completely to air out and clean.  This (hopefully) eliminates the gross mold that grows after a while no matter how diligent you are about squirting all the water out.  UBBI and Marcus & Marcus both have fun options.

Yoga Mat

Kids love what their parents love.  And my kids LOVE ‘ogah’.  There is nothing cuter than seeing a chubby little toddler try to do yoga poses.  This Lotus mat from The Little Yoga Mat is the perfect size for toddlers.  It’s lightweight and easy for them to store away and pull out on their own, just like mommy.

Play Kitchen

We love our play kitchen from Kidcraft.  We got it for our oldest as a Christmas gift when he was around 2 and he still uses it at 5.  I will caution this is a NIGHTMARE to put together – think IKEA but a little worse…BUT it looks great and can withstand a beating.

Balance Bike

I am a HUGE believer in the magic of balance bikes.  When we first looked into them I did a TON of research.  You can check out how we decided on the Yedoo Too Too here.  Our oldest went straight from a balance bike to a pedal bike with no training wheels with zero instruction from us.  We just started our 2 year old on it and are hoping he follows in his brothers’ footsteps.  This is a great ‘big gift’ idea for 2-3 year olds.

Micro Scooter

Micro is hands down my favorite brand in scooters.  They are great quality, fold easily for throwing under a stroller or in the car, and last for a while.  Our boys both started around 18 months on their first scooter and our 5-year-old still loves to scoot around.

For more gift ideas check out the Last Minute Gift Guide for Babies and Preschoolers.

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