There’s a bun in my oven!

I told my husband at 3 am.

I took the test by myself and after getting a positive result…I obviously went to the store and bought another set of tests, took them home, and took them both as well…you can never be to certain. And in my defense the lines were very faint – however the fancy digital one was a very obvious YES!

After confirming that I was in fact Preggers, I started planning how I would tell Micah. I was going to make a cute little sign for Riley that says I’m going to be a sister…or maybe find a cute little onesie. I got home from yoga and Micah was already half asleep, which made it super easy to contain my excitement. This would be perfect – He’ll get up early, go to work, I can go find a cute little way to tell him when he gets home and avoid his calls all day so that I don’t blurt it out…

And then I woke up at 3 am to pee. When I got back from the bathroom Micah was up – he gets up at ridiculous hours – which will be quite convenient with the baby…I have already given him the advanced directive to let me sleep, grab crying baby, and facilitate nursing of baby while I’m still sleeping – totally creepy…unless you value sleeping, in which case…amazing. We shall see if it works.

Anyways…I couldn’t contain myself. It went something like this…”so I was going to do something totally cute and original to tell you…but I can’t wait…I’m pregnant!!!!” He stared at me. Then said, “are you sure?” To which I responded…”yeah, I took three tests!” He stared some more, laughed, rolled over, hugged and kissed me, and that was that. (well actually there was then a lecture about how he can’t tell anyone until the end of the first trimester because of the high risk of miscarriage, etc….he doesn’t get it, but still, no one will be told – until Christmas time…with an adorable announcement of epic proportions – or at least a cute photo on facebook.

So, it wasn’t cute or clever…but it was amazing. We are having a baby.

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