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Family Movie Night

I live for traditions.  Big holiday traditions and small little family routines.  I have so many memories from my own childhood that center around the little family “traditions” my parents created for us, some intentional, some on accident and some just randomly repeated. I hope to have my children grow up with the same love for family tradition that I have, and it’s fun to see our little patterns develop, like Sunday trips to the Farmer’s Market and early morning…

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Family Living

To the Nice Man I Met on our Morning Walk

To the nice man I met on our morning walk: I apologize for acting extremely stand-offish, and dismissive…but you make me nervous (and not in a good way).  I’m sure you are a very nice man.  You are probably…

Family Living Wellness

Being Thankful.

Sometimes you just need to read a children’s book. Today, after running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to shop for Thanksgiving dinner, my son asked me to read him “Being Thankful,” by Mercer Mayer.…


5 Ways Technology is Making Parenting Harder

Technology rules our lives.  Everyday I hear about a new app, new website, new fancy schmancy gizmo to make our lives easier, flashier, “better”.  As I sit here writing at my makeshift “desk” (aka my kitchen table), I remember…


Cold food only

My son thinks any food that is remotely close to lukewarm is too hot to eat. I’m pretty sure it’s my fault. Basically, we are hippies – I’m like an L.A., I love yoga, free people, flip-flops and long wavy…


It’s clean-up time!

It’s clean-up time!  No, not my apartment….not my car (although both of those things could probably benefit from a thorough cleaning).  I’m talking about my inappropriately charming potty mouth.  I’ve known the time would come, and honestly I’m shocked that…