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Best Books for Toddlers About Becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister

Reading to your little one about becoming a big brother or big sister is a great way to initiate conversation, ease anxiety and create a positive picture of what this big change will mean for them.  I found that a surprising number of sibling books out there are very negative in their tone and highlight the negatives of having a new baby – from smelly diapers and too much crying to bigger issues like jealousy and feeling replaced. I wanted…

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Real Talk: Pregnancy Body Image

I have a confession.  I don’t love being pregnant. There are some women that LOVE being preggers.  They love their growing bellies and softening bodies.  They love feeling womanly and whatever.  I hear almost daily about how they envy…


A Letter To My Unborn Baby

Dear Baby, Your lease is up.  Please note that you have exactly three days to vacate or I will be forced to take more drastic actions to remove you from the premises.  I will say you have been a…


There’s a bun in my oven!

I told my husband at 3 am. I took the test by myself and after getting a positive result…I obviously went to the store and bought another set of tests, took them home, and took them both as well…you…