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5 Great Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas

Some of us know that special days like Father’s Day happen annually and prepare far in advance…and then some of us wait until three days before to decide that we should, well, do something.

It’s not out of lack of caring…quite the opposite.  It’s a combination of not being able to decide because I researched too many ideas…and I am just a chronically last-minute person.

I was the queen of cramming for tests in school.  I like to remember deadlines at like 4:55 the day they are due at close of business.  Without the genius development of auto pay, any bill I’ve ever owed would have without doubt gone unpaid until at least a day after it was due.  I recently remembered it was my mom’s birthday as I was about to hang up on a call with her at the end of the day.  I’m just a last-minute kind of girl.

So yeah, Father’s Day has been advertised in stores for weeks, the cards have been on the shelves for at least a month, and I waited until this week to decide what to get Micah and what to do this weekend for the day on which we honor the men that make our lives a little less crazy and more full of love, laughter and support.

Clearly it’s too late for the super cute custom ‘whatever you found’ on Etsy, and you definitely aren’t going to be having anything professionally engraved, embroidered or personalized at this stage in the game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something personal, unique and special for your hubby.

A and I made Micah’s Daddy day surprise earlier this week, and our day is planned out for Sunday…but in case you haven’t hopped on the boat yet, here’s 5 fun ways to show your leading man how much you care (without paying three times the price of your gift in overnight shipping).

1. Make a Date

Find a fun local activity to do that you haven’t done before and get tickets!  Now, the key here is to think like your man.  What would he actually want to go and do…not what would he agree to doing that you secretly want him to want to do so that you can just do what you want to do while feeling like you are doing what he wants to do.  (Just like every other weekend of your life.)  It will be tempting to get tickets to that Taylor Swift concert you’ve been secretly coveting, but try to think about something your man would be excited to go to.  Baseball tickets are never a bad idea.


2. Decadent Daddy Breakfast Surprise

In my house growing up, Sunday breakfast was always made by Dad.  He would man the griddle and fill the house with the scent of pancakes, french toast, eggs and bacon.  There would be a spread of fresh-cut fruit and you would fight the urge to sleep more because you knew that if you didn’t get downstairs and get a plate of griddle goodness, you would be S.O.L. and lucky to get french toast made from the end pieces of the loaf of bread or the grease stained, burnt butter scrambled eggs leftover in the french toast dipping pan.  In our house now, Micah is the maker of arguably better breakfasts.  He often will make french toast or omelettes for A and I on the weekends, and it’s great.  Nothing says I love you better than a nice home cooked meal shared together.  Hop in the kitchen with your little ones and whip up a yummy breakfast for Dad made with love.  If I were in charge of the menu, I’d go old school.  Pancakes, eggs, (hold the bacon…I can’t stand it), and fresh fruit.


3. D.I.Y Not?!

Let’s be honest, if your hubby is anything like mine, he is impossible to shop for.  Not because he doesn’t like anything, but because he doesn’t “need” anything, therefore doesn’t “want” anything.  So unless you happen to find an insanely unique gift, you know the kind that only he would love and didn’t even know existed until you found it…why not have the little ones make something from the heart.  Here’s some of our favorite daddy DIY gifts.



4. Go Au Naturale

Ok.  Minds out of the gutter.  Not that kind of holiday…save those dirty thoughts for February.  I’m talking nature – dirt, rocks, grass, fresh air and hopefully some sunshine.  Plan a picnic at your favorite local park, or better yet one you’ve never been to.  Find a great local hike, or pack up and head to the beach if you are lucky enough to live near the coast.  Take all the work out of the day ahead of time.  Pack bags, make lunches, grab snacks, and have it all ready to go for the special day so all you need to do is wake up, get dressed and enjoy!  Oh and maybe help carry some stuff so Dad gets a break from being the family pack mule.


5. Hit the Road

Been wanting a little getaway.  Been thinking of visiting that nearby town or attraction, and haven’t gotten around to it.  Plan a day trip to somewhere fun.  In SoCal there are so many great places to go from Orange County to Santa Barbara and every where in between.  Plan a Sunday getaway.  Again the key here is preparation. Bake some hearty muffins like these Zucchini Banana Flaxseed muffins and hard boil some eggs the night before so you can get up and go.  Pack your lunches ahead of time or research great lunch spots at your destination. Have an itinerary of where you want to go and what you want to do.  Nothing puts a damper on a day trip more than the horrendous where should we go, what should we do, where should we eat debate.  Do your research and have it planned out so that all you need to do is get up, go and enjoy!  Perhaps you could give Dad a break and drive instead of napping in the passenger seat.



Whatever you choose to do this weekend…have fun, celebrate those amazing daddies…oh and don’t forget to call your own dad!










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