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Ten Insanely Inspirational Moms Competing for Team USA at the 2016 Summer Olympics

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You have to be hiding under a rock to not know that we are in the midst of the Summer Olympics.  In our usually tv free house, we have been having a blast watching the olympic coverage at night.  And Avery might have had a couple late bedtimes because mom didn’t want to miss the gymnastics and dad didn’t want to miss the swimming.

For the record, Avery’s favorite event is the synchronized diving.  And he also wants to know why the gymnasts are so angry (aka concentrating).

After watching Dana Vollmer kill it in the pool after “retiring”, having a baby and fighting to get back in shape after a 50 pound weight gain with her son (who she had a little over a year ago), I was insanely inspired and decided to look into what other mamas were competing for team U.S.A.

Apparently there are 10 fiercely fabulously fit mamas in the olympics for the U.S. this summer.

So if you are pregnant, hoping to get pregnant, recently post-partum or longer than you want to admit post-partum and are worried if you will ever see your body as you knew it again…use these amazing women as inspiration.  If they can get back into OLYMPIC shape…you can get back into your skinny jeans and little black dress.

Here are the 10 inspiring moms of the 2016 Summer Olympics on Team U.S.A. showing their little ones how incredibly strong, determined and hard-working moms can be:

Kerri Walsh-Jennings: Mom of 3 kiddos ages 7,6 & 3 and 5-time olympian will be competing in beach volleyball.

Dana Vollmer: After winning 4 gold medals, she thought she was done after London.  Dana had her son in 2015 and got the itch to jump back into the deep end.  Now she’s making waves on the US swimming team in Rio!  She has already won a silver and a bronze…but is not even half way done with her olympic races.

Nia Ali: This amazing mama will hopefully be sprinting her way to the medal stand while her son, Titus cheers her on from the stands.  FYI, her son was born a little over a year ago.  So again, like Dana Vollmer…these new moms are KILLING it!

Kristin Armstrong: Not sure if you remember this mom…but she melted my heart in London when she took the medal stand with her then 2-year-old son, Lucas.  This year she represented the US in cycling yet again.  And like 4 years ago, she had a heart-melting finish to her olympics.  After winning gold, she collapsed. Once she was cleared by medics, she was embraced by her now 5-year-old son in yet another insanely heart-warming moment.

Gwen Berry: This mama is making her son proud in her first olympic appearance competing in the hammer throw.  Wouldn’t want to present after her on career day.  I mean seriously? Hammer throw.  How bad-ass is that?

Kelly Griffin:  Not only is this mom of 2 competing in the olympics, she is part of the very first rugby team for the US.

Chaunte Lowe: This will be the FOURTH olympic appearance for this mom of 3.  She will be competing in Track & Field.

Brittney Reese: This three-time olympian became an unconventional ‘new’ mom earlier this year when she adopted her 8-year-old godson.  She will be competing yet again in Track & Field.

Kim Rhode: Kim’s three-year-old will be cheering her on as she competes on the US Shooting team in her 6th olympic games.

Enkelejda Shehaj: This is the first time this mom of 2 will be competing for the US.  The last two olympics she was on team Albania.  This year her daughters will sport red, white and blue as they cheer their mama on in the shooting competition.

These are just the moms on team USA.

Undoubtedly, there are countless more kick ass mamas showing their kiddos how strong, determined and talented they are over the course of these 2016 summer olympics.  I for one will be cheering them on with pride.

There is a common misconception that you will never get your body back after baby…whether these women are genetic exceptions or not, I see them as incredible inspiration that not only can you get your body back…you can be at the peak of your physical capabilities if you have the time, determination and commitment to pursue it.



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