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Rockin’ Mama FIT: Prenatal Circuit #3

Let’s start off our week by FITting in a great prenatal friendly workout! These days walking to the bathroom for the 500th time can feel like a workout.  But staying active and strong will help you make it through your pregnancy feeling energetic and mobile…or at least not so swollen and tired.  I’m 37 weeks and honestly the days when I don’t find the energy to exercise, are the days when I feel the most exhausted at the end of…

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Fitness Wellness

Rockin’ Mama FIT: Circuit Workout #1

I am so excited to finally launch our Rockin’ Mama FIT series.  A couple of weeks ago we hopped in the studio to film a 20 min prenatal fitness video, a 20 minute prenatal yoga video and three FIT…

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Real Talk: Pregnancy Body Image

I have a confession.  I don’t love being pregnant. There are some women that LOVE being preggers.  They love their growing bellies and softening bodies.  They love feeling womanly and whatever.  I hear almost daily about how they envy…