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Obsession: Basq Cooling Body Bliss


Every once in a while I go to blogging events and I get a bag full of stuff that I mostly never use.  BUT…every once in a while I stumble upon a new product that I then become OBSESSED With!

When I was pregnant with baby #1 I could rest, put up my feet during the day, do some oh so yummy Viparita (legs up the wall pose) and get instant relief.  But with baby #2, a busy toddler and a summer pregnancy, there is no resting, no restorative yoga poses, no taking 15 minutes to ease my aching limbs.

Needless to say after a weekend of hot weather, chasing after an insanely active toddler (where does all the energy come from?!) and being out and about…my feet are in need of some TLC at the end of the day.

I got a tube of Basq’s Cooling Body Bliss way back at Club Momme/Mom.me’s Spring Fest, and I put it on the – eh, I’ll probably never use that shelf in my bathroom.  BUT, after it started really heating up in LA and my poor pregnant legs started to feel heavy, swollen and hot by the end of the day I was wanting some serious relief.  So one day I remembered I had it stashed away and gave it a shot.  And it was AMAZING!

This stuff, I kid you not is like instant heaven.  I admit the scent is strong – it’s super minty and will open your sinuses right up…but it’s oh so worth it.  You massage it in and it cools, reduces swelling and makes your feet and legs feel remotely normal again.  I am not a big beauty product kid…I’m super minimalistic in my daily routine and have a skeleton crew of products I use…but this one has been moved into strong rotation these days.

I’m seriously obsessed.

Side note: Basq also makes an amazing belly cream (Advanced Stretch Mark Butter) for preventing/reducing stretch marks that I love to slather myself in as well.


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