Officially Mrs. Miller (well 1/4 of the way at least)

00552_DSC_6816-1503948340-OI learned a very important lesson at the DMV today – Ask first, then wait.  I had been procrastinating going to the DMV, and waiting in line to have my name changed on my license.  Especially since I HAD JUST DONE IT the  month before our wedding (my license was going to expire while we were on my honeymoon, and there was no way around that one…ugh!)  Anyways, I rolled out of bed, went to the DMV on halloween – thinking who’s gonna go to the DMV on Halloween?  Apparently a lot of people.  I got out of the car and saw a line wrapping out the door of the DMV, and I got in it.  And stood in it – for about an hour.  Until I decided to stop stalking people on Facebook long enough to notice some people just walking in the building…hmm.  I asked the guy behind me to hold my place and walked up to the police officer at the door and told him I was here to change my name on my license.  After which he escorted me INSIDE and told me to stand in a different line that wrapped around the inside of the DMV.  Awesome.  2 hours later, I was officially Mrs. Lindsey Miller.  According to the New Jersey DMV at least.  Eventually I will call the social security office, my banks, student loan office, get a new passport and tell all the other 8 million people that all need to be individually told that I have married.  But for now, I will flash my license that doesn’t match any of my credit cards or other identification and feel like I have at least made progress.

*side note for your entertainment:  when I tried to change my status on Facebook to Married (way more important than my social security card).  I was declined because Micah was “already in a relationship” a.k.a. engaged to me.


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