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Officially Mrs. Miller (well 1/4 of the way at least)

I learned a very important lesson at the DMV today – Ask first, then wait.  I had been procrastinating going to the DMV, and waiting in line to have my name changed on my license.  Especially since I HAD JUST DONE IT the  month before our wedding (my license was going to expire while we were on my honeymoon, and there was no way around that one…ugh!)  Anyways, I rolled out of bed, went to the DMV on halloween –…

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What’s happening to me!

Our honeymoon in France was AMAZING!  And when we got back we had a house full of new toys via our registry (which it only took us 2 1/2 months to thank people for – I’m pretty sure Ms. Post didn’t…


Hello world!

So…here I am.  In the unlikeliest of circumstances – officially a HOUSEWIFE. When I was like 13, my mom was driving me home, or to dance, or something.  Anyways, we drove by a cul-de-sac on our street in Fairport…