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Yoga, Mandy Ingber & Embracing Chaos.

A couple of weeks ago,  I got to interview Mandy Ingber about her new book Yogalosophy for Inner Strength.  In case you don’t know, Mandy is kind of a BIG deal…wrapped in a normal, insanely down to earth human person’s body.  She is the go-to yogi extraordinaire to basically everyone who is “anyone” in Hollywood.  Her list of clients include Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Beckinsdale, Helen Hunt…the list goes on.  Oh, and did I mention she is a New York Times Bestselling author.  Yeah.  She’s kind of cool.

I was actually a little nervous to interview Mandy considering she is not only very well-known, but also extremely well-respected and after reading her book appears to be incredibly wise and grounded.  It’s funny we actually talked a bit about being nervous meeting people during the interview, as she shared with me that when she goes to a new celebrity’s house she finds she gets nervous wondering if they will like her or think she’s a good teacher, only to find out they are just as nervous, if not more, to meet her.  I couldn’t help but think about my own pre-interview nerves as she spoke, and how quickly they subsided when I realized she was nervous about the interview – and rightfully so.  When I got out of my own head, sat back and truly looked at the situation, I realized I was armed with a week worth of research on all things Mandy, a list of prepared questions and well thought out talking points, whereas she was flying blind…not to mention we were filming LIVE (something I do multiple times a week, and Mandy probably does, well hardly ever.  I guess our thoughts and feelings really are a by-product of our perspective, and sometimes that perspective could use a little adjustment to see things more clearly.  #lifelesson.

One of the many juicy topics we discussed was finding time for yourself.  In her book she talks about her morning routine full of hours, yes, hours of luxurious, self-loving activities.  I couldn’t help but read it and think…yeah, but, what about the rest of us?!  Take my life for example…while I would love to laze around in bed all morning, do a little yoga, journal, meditate, get in touch with nature, or just have more time sleeping…in reality, I am woken up every morning between 4 and 5 am by a toddler pouncing on me and insisting (way too loudly for the time of day) that “Mr. Sun is almost awake!”  I was instantly filled with dark green envy, wishing I could have JUST 5 quiet, simple minutes to myself at the start of my day to connect, to be, to meditate, to set myself up for success.

Obviously, when I asked Mandy about how the rest of us normal human beings burdened with mornings of up-t00-early kiddos, obligation and lack of personal time can start our day out in the right head space, when there is no space…being the incredibly honest and wise human being that she is, she quickly pointed out that there was probably some joy to be found in my morning ritual.

And she’s 100% right.

It is incredibly exhausting, yet overwhelmingly joyful. Do I want to wake up before the sun, NO.  BUT…do I live for the sound of chubby toddler feet stumbling down the hallway half asleep?  Do I melt when he crawls over me, puts his little hand on my face and says “I love you mommy”?  Do I giggle as he shouts “I think it’s morning time!  Mr. Sun is on his way awake!” in his adorable toddler voice?  Is it hysterical to hear him ask “daddy, can you lay this way please” so that he can snuggle onto Micah’s chest?  Yes.  When I reflect on it without judgement, I can see that while it’s certainly not an hour of quiet reflection and self-care, it is joyous nonetheless and 100% reflective of my place in life right now.

Gone are the days of sleeping in, lazing around and meandering through my morning, but someday I will wish for these blurry eyed morning moments. So instead of willing my life into a peaceful existence, I will instead find the joy in my current chaos.  Right now my life is in perpetual motion, constant noise and devoid of my control.  Someday again it will probably be filled with a quiet that will be both welcome and also filled with a longing for the busyness, the messiness, the insanity of it all.  But until then…I will try to commit to finding the peace and calm in my chaotic, loud and often messy morning ritual full of love, laughter and toddler kisses.

For more on Mandy go to, and check out the whole interview here:


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