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Friday Favorites: Feltman Brothers

The day your baby leaves the hospital, Family photos, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, First birthday…

What do all of these have in common?  Insanely adorable outfits for little ones.

When it comes to kids clothes, I’m a huge fan of Gap, Old Navy, Target (Cat + Jack anyone?!) basically anywhere I can get a good deal.  The little buggers grow like weeds.  I hardly ever never buy anything for them full price, and mostly outfit them in hand-me-downs from their cousin Liam.  BUT, there are certain occasions when I scour the internet and go store to store (I’m ashamed to admit usually the night before at 9pm) in search of the perfect ensemble for my little ones.

And, as my fellow boy moms know…it is SLIM pickings out there.

While everyday I prefer anything affordable, durable and cute, I’m pretty picky when it comes to my boys’ ‘special occasion wear’.  I don’t like the super preppy, stuffy outfits.  You won’t see my boys in suits or khaki pants.  They won’t be wearing belts and I definitely will NOT be spending money on shiny dress shoes.

I like something classic with a little personality.  I wore cowboy boots after my wedding ceremony and my husband rocked his Chuck Taylors – we aren’t super ‘fancy’ people, and we don’t put our kids in super fancy clothes.  Because retailers have decided that khaki pants and a button down is sufficient in special occasion wear offerings for little boys it is REALLY hard to find something that is nice but casual cool.  Typically the options are khaki pants and a button down or shirts and sweatpants with trucks, dinosaurs and characters on them…because obviously that’s all boys wear (insert eye roll).   So, when I came across Feltman Brothers, I was skeptical that I would find something I liked for them.

At first glance, my initial thought was – not our style.

Don’t get me wrong, their clothes are ADORABLE.  But they are known for their vintage, classic, heirloom style clothes.  The kind of adorable rompers you see in old family photos. They are gorgeous, but my skateboard loving, rolling in the dirt, California boys aren’t exactly the crisp vintage romper kind of kids…BUT then I looked further.

I discovered Feltman Brothers didn’t just have beautiful vintage inspired rompers, but also has insanely adorable Pima Layette and Sweater knits.  As I perused the Pima and Sweater lines, I instantly fell in love.  While both of these are more likely Feltman Brothers’ “casual wear,” they are perfect for our laid-back SoCal family’s version of special occasion wear.  The Pima Layette is gorgeous, classic and perfect for baby’s first outfit, photos, holidays, etc.  And the sweater knit collection is super comfy, and beyond adorable.  We ordered the Sailboat Knit 2-piece with hat in navy, and instantly wanted to order more sweater knits when it arrived.  The quality is beyond, and Luca looked adorable in it.  It was the perfect blend of simple, classic and playful for our wild little dude.

We will definitely be adding Feltman Brothers into our searches for the ‘perfect’ outfit next go-around.

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