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Friday Favorites: Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Let’s talk about ‘mom’ jewelry – and no, not the macaroni kind.

I’m talking about the kind you actually WANT to wear. The kind that let’s the world know you have created human beings and you are proud of it (BUT you still care about your appearance.)

I’m now the proud owner of 3, yes 3 different mom necklaces (and maybe 2 macaroni ones)…my newest of which is quite possibly my favorite – although to be honest it is the only one in rotation that has both my kiddos on it.

My mom got me an adorable simple sterling silver necklace from Restoration Hardware’s Baby & Child.  I absolutely LOVED it – BUT it’s been through 3, yes 3 chains, because as adorable as the necklace is, it does not hold up to chubby little baby hands. The charms I still have and love dearly, but I stopped ordering chains from RH.

The second is a beautiful cursive a from Tiffany’s.  This was my “fancy” mom necklace – ha! It is way more expensive than my RH one, and isn’t so “everyday casual” so I wore it when I was actually showered, dressed and ready to interact with non-baby toting adults. Sadly it was stolen from my checked bag while flying back from NY a year ago, which was devastating as it’s not only the most expensive jewelry I owned other than my rings, and my husband had bought it for me after Avery was born and it had a lot of sentimental meaning.

The third, and my current necklace of choice by far has the most personality of the bunch. I got it from Isabelle Grace Jewelry, who has a HUGE selection of personalized necklaces from simple round pendants to very funky charms.

I toggled back and forth between getting the Calista Charm Necklace and the Arrow to the Heart necklace (which I ultimately chose).  I knew I already had a classic pendant necklace and wanted something that would work with my funkier boho chic style.  I ultimately chose the Arrow to the Heart Necklace because it has a little bit of funky style, but also is simple enough to be worn daily.

Calista Charm Necklace

Arrow To The Heart Necklace

I have never been a big jewelry person.  As a dancer, yogi and generally active human being, it’s hard for me to find jewelry that just doesn’t get in the way.  I never wear earrings unless I’m attending a formal event.  The only rings that will go on my fingers are my wedding band and engagement ring.  I occasionally wear a watch and some Alex & Ani bangles, and most days I don’t wear a necklace at all.  BUT, like wearing my wedding band, there is something about having a ‘mom’ necklace that is full of sentiment and love – which makes it somehow different from wearing any other necklace.  It feels a part of you.  And just like every mom is different, every mom should have a mom necklace that reflects her style and personality.  And because there are many sides of me, I have a couple different mom necklaces.  But this fun, funky mama LOVES her new Isabelle Grace.

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