It’s on Siri

Siri and I have a hate/hate relationship.  Ever since I entered the world of apple, I have had an inkling that Siri had it out for me.  No matter how clearly I articulate myself, every voice search results in some ridiculous response, a lengthy interchange, and ultimately me yelling at Siri like a crazy homeless person talking to a clock radio.  I will admit, I did taunt her one day, making her sing nursery rhymes to me – she claims she cannot sing for the record.  She did however recite some poems.  I appreciated the effort.  For a while, I thought perhaps she was broken. But, alas Micah can use her with ease on my phone.  I finally gave up and stopped trying.  And then out of nowhere, today, she hit below the belt.  Avery picked up my phone which I had left on the couch, managed to hold down the little circle button summoning Siri and said bye-bye.  And Siri, in all her glory, without skipping a beat, immediately recognized bye-bye correctly.  It was on.  Pretty much everything Avery says sounds like a variation of bye-bye, dada, or bah.  I can identify rye-rye as Riley, bah as ball, tahrah as truck, buh as bus, tedah as teddy, and all his other adorable gibberish as words, but to most others it is just that – gibberish.  Adorable, but gibberish nonetheless.  I’m not saying I’m the most articulate person on the planet.  I occasionally mumble.  My Rochester accent (despite almost 15 years away) is still shockingly strong.  But seriously, I have NEVER had Siri correctly identify any words I have spoken to her…but she clearly identified my toddler’s talk.  I’m equal parts pissed at Siri and proud of Avery for saying bye-bye clear enough to be picked up.  Come to think of it, perhaps she is sexist – she understands my husband and son, but not me…wrong Siri, just wrong.  Well, the jokes on her, in the mail is my new iPhone 6 with a younger, hotter Siri with hopefully better hearing. Peace out old Siri, I hope whoever inherits you in their refurbished iphone has the enunciation of a toddler so that you two get each other.

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