It’s clean-up time!

It’s clean-up time!  No, not my apartment….not my car (although both of those things could probably benefit from a thorough cleaning).  I’m talking about my inappropriately charming potty mouth.  I’ve known the time would come, and honestly I’m shocked that it has taken this long…but Avery, my adorably innocent little baby, has officially said his first swear word.

We were walking to the garage and as we walked through the corridor leading to the alley I saw a big ass spider and promptly and LOUDLY said “HOLY SHIT!”  To which Avery responded in true parrot fashion “ohley SHIT ohley SHIT (giggle giggle)”  I had to turn away from his gaze to compose myself…because like any normal human being my immediate response to a toddler swearing is hysterical laughter. (THAT SHIT IS FUNNY).  Once I composed myself I turned back and said, “mommy said a bad word, that was not nice, I’m sorry.  Let’s not say that again.”  Not sure if that was the correct way to handle it, but he stopped his loop of “ohley SHIT” until we got to Whole Foods…and gym class…and the park.  So needless to say, my kid thinks “shit” is funny.  I can’t blame him.  I kind of do too.  I also kind of think it’s funny when he says it – but he’ll have to wait until he can read and access a computer and find my blog to learn that.  I guess I need to clean up my language so my kid isn’t the one teaching swear words to all his preschool buddies.  At least I only say some swear words frequently.  I can see it now…I’m sorry Miss Lippy, I don’t know where he learned damn, I usually only say shit and fuck.  I’ll totally be asked to be room mother.

What swear words have you inadvertently taught your little ones?

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