Hello world!

Family PhotoSo…here I am.  In the unlikeliest of circumstances – officially a HOUSEWIFE.

When I was like 13, my mom was driving me home, or to dance, or something.  Anyways, we drove by a cul-de-sac on our street in Fairport (a suburb of Rochester in upstate New York) and I saw what was at the time a horrifying sight.  A mom, standing there…waiting.  I immediately inquired what she was doing there, and if it could be possible that this woman was standing there, just waiting for her kid to get off the bus. A strange concept since my sister and I had spent years climbing in the windows of our house after school cause no one was home and we couldn’t find the key.  (Don’t worry I had a totally normal childhood devoid of neglect or any other sob story – this is not that kind of blog).  So, I was appalled that this woman had nothing better to do with her time than wait for her kids to come home.  I never thought I’d get married, I mocked the notion of owning a house with a white picket fence with little kids running in the yard.  I always thought I’d be a doctor in the Peace Corps or something.  Then I met Micah.  Fell madly in love.  Gave up the pursuit of law school to try and make a living as a dancer and choreographer.  Moved to Los Angeles, then to NYC.  Dreamed of marriage and family.  Started getting emotional when I saw little babies and dreamed of having my own.  And then 88 days ago married Micah (in the most AMAZING wedding ever – planned by yours truly).

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