EPTs are liars…

Remember when I said I wasn’t pregnant…well 4 days later, no period, another EPT, 2 lines, some tears of joy, fear, excitement, confusion, and 2 more EPTs just to be sure I’m not imagining things…and I’m pregnant – for real!

Yes, I took three tests – two regular 1 line no 2 line yes deals and a fancy digital one that simply says yes/no just to be sure. In my defense the lines on the first two were quite faint…and one can never be too certain.

First of all – HOLY CRAP!

Second of all – I’m not crazy – I totally knew I was pregnant.

Third of all – those 4-7 days before your missed period statements are BS and designed to get crazy people like myself to blow money on little plastic sticks because we are neurotic and think we can microwave the process of nature.

So yeah. I’m pregnant. For real. Now what?!

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