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Interview with Allyson Downey, author of Here’s the Plan: Your Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Steering Your Career Through Pregnancy and Parenthood

Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing Allyson Downey, a mom of two little ones and founder of weeSpring on her new book Here’s the Plan.

Here’s the Plan is basically a MUST HAVE for any woman even thinking about possibly, maybe, someday ever getting pregnant.  Inspired by her own experience navigating a blossoming career on Wall Street post-MBA while getting pregnant and having babies, this book is the resource she wishes she had.  Allyson interviewed women about their experiences in the workforce during pregnancy and postpartum and the end result is an inspiring and highly informational resource for moms.  It will guide you through everything from when and how to tell your boss you are pregnant to how to leave the house without being covered in breast milk and other unidentifiable sticky substances (hint: salon cape…I know genius right?!)  This book is jam-packed with information, a solid game plan, words of wisdom and invaluable tips and tricks from women that have walked the road before you.  Basically if you have a career you love and plan to keep it, this book should be at the top of your mommy book list.

In our interview we talk more about the book, Allyson, and hot topics for working moms like how to stay in the mix if you can’t afford to keep working, the reality of pregnancy discrimination, finding work life balance, and how to make dad an equal partner.

Check out the interview below and go to to find out more about Allyson, her awesome book and get even more resources like a list of questions to ask potential childcare providers, templates of charts to divide family responsibilities with your partner, and a killer nanny contract.



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