Pregnancy Scare Part II…The experiment continues

I really think I’m on to something here folks…

So I woke up at approximately 3 am with a sudden overwhelming feeling of nausea and dizziness. After about 10 minutes sitting next to the toilet trying to decide if I was going to vomit or not (something that is far more disgusting than I remembered it being in college – which is odd because I’m pretty sure I NEVER cleaned my toilet in college) I made my way back to bed thinking maybe I’m sick or ate something bad…

Then, the next day I suddenly got nauseous and dizzy again – and I turned to Micah and said…I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant.

He responded by telling me I’m insane and to go lay down. I laid down…with my laptop and proceeded to google my heart out.

After visits to every pregnancy website that exists, I determined I was totally pregnant. Over the next couple of days, I felt what I imagined was every early pregnancy symptom that exists: light cramping, tender breasts, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, you name it…I felt it, then googled it, then reconfirmed with Micah that I was totally pregnant.

But a funny thing happened – instead of freaking out, I was actually excited. I found myself calculating when I would be at the end of my first trimester – around Christmas (perfect timing!) I was looking up cute, clever little ways to spread the news: embroidered stockings? ornaments? photo shoot? Onesies?

Finally when it was 4-7 days before my period (the timeframe on the earliest, early detection pregnancy test) I proceeded to pee on sticks.

Side note: They should totally create EPTs that are situational like say you are not trying to conceive they could say “you dodged a bullet – use protection next time” or “yeah, sorry – your life is gonna change forever – consider adoption?” and if you are trying to conceive they could say “better luck next time – just keep trucking” or “put away those skinny jeans – you did it!” Obviously the options on phrasing are endless.

Anyways, I peed, I waited and I found one lonely line. I felt – wait for it – disappointment?!?!


Well…I guess it’s settled. We aren’t pregnant…BUT I do want a baby…or at least I think I do.

Pregnancy scares: 2
Lindsey’s neurotic decision making attempts: 0.

Baby-making it is…here goes nothing…or something!

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