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5 Ways Technology is Making Parenting Harder

Technology rules our lives.  Everyday I hear about a new app, new website, new fancy schmancy gizmo to make our lives easier, flashier, “better”.  As I sit here writing at my makeshift “desk” (aka my kitchen table), I remember sitting in this same spot STARING at Avery on the digital monitor obsessively watching him sleep, unable to relax during the oh-so-precious nap time.  I remember having at least 20 apps downloaded and ready to use on my phone when we…

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How to NOT get hired as a babysitter

Almost two years in, and we are STILL knee-deep in the never-ending search for decent childcare.  I curse all of you who have family nearby to provide free (albeit guilt-inducing) childcare last-minute.  You have no idea how fortunate you…


Cold food only

My son thinks any food that is remotely close to lukewarm is too hot to eat. I’m pretty sure it’s my fault. Basically, we are hippies – I’m like an L.A., I love yoga, free people, flip-flops and long wavy…


It’s clean-up time!

It’s clean-up time!  No, not my apartment….not my car (although both of those things could probably benefit from a thorough cleaning).  I’m talking about my inappropriately charming potty mouth.  I’ve known the time would come, and honestly I’m shocked that…

Family Wellness

Spread Love, Not Germs!

There has been a lot of talk in the social media world bashing irresponsible parents that don’t vaccinate their kids – which is a separate and massive debate in and of itself…one in which I’m not entirely sure which…