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Can you raise a baby in a closet?

So Micah and I yet again are faced with the 60 day notice from our landlord…60 days to decide if we sign on for another 13-15 month lease paying yet another 150. more a month (whatever happened to rent control?) OR take our chances finding housing elsewhere.  We went through the same debate last time our lease was up.  Now, I must say, our apartment is beautiful – hardwoods, granite, washer and dryer, pool, direct views of Manhattan and  walking distance to the ferry….BUT it is a one bedroom, with one closet, and while there is no bun in the oven, there may be one over the course of the next year. If we stay near the city, we will be lucky if we can find a 2 bedroom that is under 3000. a month, but if we venture out we will be forced to take the NJ transit train, or even worse – the bus (shivers of horror).  While I have become more accepting of public transit since moving to NYC from LA – there are still lines I won’t cross: Port Authority, subways on hot humid days, touching subway poles with bare hands (I almost bit it the other day, but seriously they released an article on what is on those poles and it is horrifying), and anything having to do with a horse and buggy or a sweaty little man peddling.

So I ask you, and myself, and ultimately I guess Micah has a say as well…how much space does an infant really need?  I mean they sleep in a bassinet in the corner of your room for a couple months at least, and a crib would totally fit in a walk in closet or the corner of a living room, right?  Ok, maybe the closet is a little inappropriate, but I recently heard of a couple taking the door off and putting a lovely little curtain there instead – it’s kind of like a den? or a fort? kids love forts. Plus, growing up in a small little apartment will totally give our future genious a leg up in those college applications – I mean really, these days you need a good story of overcoming hardship.  We would be irresponsible parents if we didn’t allow our future children to experience the character building that comes from triumphing over adversity.  I think sleeping on your parents floor until you are 18 could score some serious adversity points for an upper middle class caucasian kid…and think of how easy it would be to spy on them, overhear conversations, see what they are doing online…I really think it’s quite genious.

I’m totally ready to be a mom.  Don’t judge me.

(I really hope my mother doesn’t read this post.)

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  • Jessie
    January 30, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Hey Lovely!
    I say the first year of the babies life, you will have him/her parked next to your bed for feedings all night… So sign that lease for 2 years!

  • Autumn Moss Penaloza
    March 12, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Hey gal! I work with Micah over at Totsy. My hubby and I were in love with our 1 bedroom apartment in Santa Monica as well and spent MONTHS trying to find a 2 bed we loved once we got prego. We ended up staying in our beloved & charming pad until Aspen was 10 months old and it was perfect. We moved some things around, stuck a crib and a changing table in our room and voila! They really don’t need much room the first year – after year 1 you’ll want to step it up to restore your sanity and your privacy – read: no one wants Juniors eyes peering in on Mommy & Daddy bedtime fun. I agree with Jessie – sign that 2 year lease!