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Our Favorite Potty Books

Potty Books…you know the type of exhilarating reading that childhood dreams (and nightmares) are built upon.  There are a LOT of potty books, and some are disturbing at best.  Here are some of our favorites:

Elmo’s Potty Time Play-a-Song Book (Sesame Street):

This book has classic songs like Pop Goes the Weasel, She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain, and others rewritten in “potty themes” like washing hands, recognizing when it’s time to go, and how great it is to be able to wear big boy pants.  It teaches about recognizing the feeling of needing to go, waiting on the potty, how accidents happen and it’s ok, washing hands and being able to wear big kid underpants.


Once Upon a Potty (by Alona Frankel):

This is a classic and comes in “boy” and “girl” versions.  It does a good job of talking about body parts (although I replace the nicknames for private parts with actual anatomical names), and the transition of going from using diapers to using the potty.  It also talks about the reality of waiting and waiting and waiting, and the process of learning how to use the potty, waiting and having nothing come out, not getting to the potty in time, and how going potty is something to be proud of.


The Potty Train (by David Hochman):

Ok, so this one doesn’t really “teach” a whole lot, but A loooooves trains, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.  And I was right, this is hands down A’s favorite potty book.  It actually is a really cute little play on words talking about potty training being an actual train to hop on and ride.


Potty Superhero (by Parragon Books):

Again, not super informational/educational, but if your little one loves super heroes, it’s a cute little book about a superhero learning to use the potty.  A also thinks it’s hysterical that it talks about the doggie trying to go potty on the potty.


There are a TON of potty books out there.  These were the ones that popped up on our Amazon search, we thought A would like, and we loved after they arrived.

What are your (and your kiddos) favorite potty books?



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