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How to pack the perfect toddler lunch

Feeding toddlers can be an exercise in futility.  Starting preschool we have had to streamline our lunch process.  Since we are in afternoon preschool, we pack lunch together after breakfast time so it’s ready to go for later.  I love doing it at breakfast since we are already in the kitchen, and that way we can enjoy the rest of the morning playing until it’s time to leave for school. There is a lot of research that shows kids will…

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Toddler Sleep Training SUCCESS!

Do you hear that?  That’s the sound of a toddler soundly sleeping through the night…and it’s HEAVENLY! For three years we haven’t had a night of uninterrupted sleep in our house.  We haven’t had a night without a 2-4 hour…

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Afternoon Preschool = NO SLEEP EVER!

As you all know, we started preschool…and we are in the afternoon program.  At first I was super bummed about being in the afternoon, but then realized it was actually pretty awesome.  You can read about why afternoon preschool…

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I Got Kicked Out of Preschool

Last week we started preschool. Our preschool does gradual start dates, so only a couple of kids start at a time…which I love.  It’s far less stressful for EVERYONE (parents, kids and teachers) to slowly grow the class instead…

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Screen-free Activity: DIY Play Dough

I get a lot of my screen-free, low-key, old school (i.e. lazy path of least resistance) parenting inspiration from my own childhood. So after a couple of days running ourselves ragged soaking up the last bits of summer before we start…