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Friday Favorites: Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs

Machine Washable Rugs.

Enough said.

I could honestly leave this Friday favorites post at those three words – because, seriously, all rugs in homes with children and dogs should be machine washable.

When I first saw a Lorena Canals rug and learned that it was machine washable, I fell in love with the idea, but was incredibly skeptical. We spot clean rugs at least once a day in our house, and even still I can’t help but feel like despite the constant cleaning, they are still dirty. Between the dog, baby spit up and sticky messy fingers, our rug gets a lot of unwanted action.

We actually sadly had to part ways with our favorite Pottery Barn rug because after years of spot cleaning, sending it for a deep clean and more spot cleaning, it became so matted and gross that I just couldn’t do it anymore as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVED it.

We refused to spend money on another nice rug since we knew it would likely get destroyed with little ones and a dog, so we went to Target and got a cheap rug to use in the meantime. It was a quick fix, but the cheap rug does not hold up well with the spot cleaning, and the foam mat we were using in the playroom seems to attract and collect dust and all sorts of magical things between the cracks – not to mention the kids love to rip it apart which is always fun to try to put back together.

When I found Lorena Canals, I thought…why not? This might just work.

Lorena Canals Round ABC Rug in Black

I ordered the round ABC rug in black from Lorena Canals for the playroom and it was perfect. The rug itself is like a high quality bath mat. It’s flexible, soft and surprisingly sturdy.  You do need to put a rug pad under it because on hardwood floors it slides, but with a little rubber pad, its perfection. And, because it’s so lightweight, you can easily roll it up and bring it into another room to create a comfy safe play space for baby throughout the house. I like to bring it into the boys’ bedroom when they are having a hard time playing together and put it next to Luca’s crib for him to have his own space to play while Avery plays on the other side of his bed.

The biggest test to the rug however was to see how it fared in the wash.

And so far, so good.

I have washed it three times now, and it looks as good as new.

Just pop it in the wash, then the dryer, and you are good to go.

Oh and did I mention that the rugs are handmade, eco-friendly and use only all natural dyes?! And the price point isn’t insane.  I mean seriously. It’s a lifesaver…so much so that I’m currently shopping for a replacement for our cheapo Target rug in the family room. I’m thinking the Bereber rug or the Diamonds Rug…I’ll let you know what I decide!!

Lorena Canals Bereber Rug

Lorena Canals Diamonds Rug


*I received a Lorena Canals Rug in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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