2 of 30 reasons I’m convincing myself being 30 is not horrifying…

30 years and 1 day young, I woke up with a sore throat, stuffed up sinuses and an overwhelming feeling of contentment.  Having spent my 30th birthday fulfilling my birthday wish – to feel like it was fall even though I was melting in California’s unseasonably warm and shockingly humid 100 + degree heat wave, I was a happy happy girl.  Micah and I drove two hours into the mountainous desert of Southern California (I really should have paid more attention in elementary school geography, because I was under the impression that desert and mountains were not to be combined).  But alas, in Oak Glen, California there exists a mile high region of sheer wonder.  Picture a road dappled with wineries and lush landscape…and then replace the wineries with none other than APPLE FARMS and the lush landscape with a wonderful mix of mountains, sequoia trees and barren desert.  Then, populate said road with a 50/50 blend of residents that either hopped out of a John Wayne movie or are buggy-riding, bonnet-donning Amish settlers.  It was heaven.  We spent the day wandering from farm to farm; picking apples off trees, wandering the orchards, and watching apple cider being pressed.  One farm even offered the ‘typical’ activities of tomahawk throwing and corn grinding.  After a fun-filled day of apple picking we headed back to Beverly Hills armed with about 15 pounds of apples – Fuji, Empire, Spartan and Gala, and a mission to commence in equipping our humble abode for fall!

We decided to walk up to Pottery Barn to take a peek at some of the holiday cheer – overpriced silver pumpkins, salt and pepper shakers in the shape of pilgrims, you know stuff that you see at PB for $50. then go and buy at TJ Maxx for $15.  Oh yeah, when it comes to holiday decor, I’m a Maxxanista all the way baby!  But it’s always fun to go to the real deal for inspiration – and I’m mildly obsessed with all things PB (I blame my mother for my obsession, yet thank her at the same time for her fantastic design sense).  Anyways, Micah and I walk into Pottery Barn and collapse onto the PB Comfort Slipcovered Sectional.  And yes, I know the exact name and style number because I have been coveting said AMAZING couch for the better part of 2 years now.  It is amazing.  And if you don’t know what sectional I speak of, then you have never been in Pottery Barn.  And if you have never been in Pottery Barn, you are likely too young to be reading this blog post and please return in 5 to 10 years when this makes sense to you – because in the meantime you probably just think I’m crazy.

So…we are sitting on the couch, and as usual after about 5 minutes (likely less), I get antsy, get up, and suggest we look around.  Then, Micah whips out his check card and tells me my real birthday present is the couch. What?!  This couch?! THE couch?!  I’m pretty sure my eyes filled with the joy of a child on Christmas morning running down the stairs to see what Santa had brought.  I marched over to the design studio desk and boldly told the guy working there that we wanted to buy a couch!  He found our previous order (we had already picked out the exact configuration – Right facing sectional with the corner wedge, rolled arms, box cushions and the seagrass twill slipcover – I told you, obsessed). We filled out the rest of our delivery information and then we proceeded to sign the contract. First question, “have you measured the doorways, entryways and hallways to ensure the couch will fit”?  Cue simultaneous ashamed faces from Micah and myself. Oops.  For a moment my excitement fizzled knowing there would be no instant gratification since we would have to go home and measure.  But then it set in, I’m getting THE couch!  So we grabbed dinner, went home, and this morning we walked over, measurements in hand, and ordered our couch.  In approximately 6-8 weeks I will be sitting my rear on my dream couch.  I will be able to invite friends over (once I make them out here) and actually have a place for them to sit.  Now we just need to figure out how to protect it from Riley our lovingly slobbery bulldog.  Perhaps some new Pottery Barn throw blankets???

My husband is amazing.  I had the best 30th birthday I could have imagined…and that brings me to reason 2 out of 30 as to why 30 is NOT horrifying.

Let’s ignore the part of this story where my wish list included: a couch, a new bedroom set, those really cute towels from Anthropologie, some cute flats, and a baby (clearly NOT the same list I had at 20)…and go straight to the part where I wanted a couch – not just any couch – a REALLY nice and super cute couch to decorate my home in the style I have pinned all over Pinterest. And I got that couch.  Because at 30, in theory at least, I am at a point in my life where Micah and I can afford a couch that doesn’t come from Craigslist, Target, Ikea, or the corner of the street bathed in the sweet stench of homeless man with a surprise gift of bed bugs.  And that is a beautiful thing.  So here’s to being 30, and being able to save up for REAL furniture.  I can’t wait until November when I can sit on my birthday gift.  Until then I will hold onto my youth by “roughing it” on our old love seat and making gluten-free apple crisp with the apples we picked yesterday.

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