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Best Books for Toddlers About Becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister

Reading to your little one about becoming a big brother or big sister is a great way to initiate conversation, ease anxiety and create a positive picture of what this big change will mean for them.  I found that a surprising number of sibling books out there are very negative in their tone and highlight the negatives of having a new baby – from smelly diapers and too much crying to bigger issues like jealousy and feeling replaced. I wanted…

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Family Screen Free Living

Screen-free Activity: DIY Play Dough

I get a lot of my screen-free, low-key, old school (i.e. lazy path of least resistance) parenting inspiration from my own childhood. So after a couple of days running ourselves ragged soaking up the last bits of summer before we start…

Family Screen Free Living

Screen Free Activity: Painting Rocks

We are going almost three years strong as a screen-free family…and it works for us.  I get that for some families this just doesn’t work, and I certainly don’t judge those that need some assistance from an educational and…