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Los Angeles Tot Spot: Kidville Brentwood

IMG_1304 Oh Kidville, how I love thee…let me count the ways.

We have been going to this magical little place in Brentwood since A was about 6 months old, and I will probably cry the day we outgrow it.  (Thank goodness we have another little one on the way!)

I first found Kidville when I was searching for a great gym and music class for us to do.  I went to pretty much EVERY “free” trial class at kids gyms from Hollywood to Santa Monica and everywhere in between.  What made the difference for me at Kidville was that it was the ONLY place that didn’t smell like dirty feet and sweaty kids.


I had to leave one particularly popular chain gym in West L.A. (whom shall not be named) because I almost vomited at the smell.  Not ok.  Not ok at all.  When you have a six month old and still Purell the world out of fear of, well, everything you can’t help but think, how sanitary can a place be if it smells so, well, dirty?

What drew us in initially was the cleanliness (and lack of smell), but what made us join was all the other things they offer.  We had been going to another music class for a while and while A had a grand old time playing instruments and watching full-grown adults dance about like idiots singing out of tune, the music was well…mind numbingly terrible.  Like really really bad.  And every week it was the SAME songs over and over and over.  I get it, repetition is great…but sometimes it makes you want to gauge your eyes out.

Enter Kidville.  Kidville offers a music class called Rockin’ Railroad where kids go on a musical journey that is led by a train “conductor” who happens to be the front man for an actual band – like with a drummer and guitar player and keyboardist.  It’s legit guys.  The musicians are actually talented, and the music varies every week by theme (classic rock, r&b, pop, 80s…yeah there is loud power pop belting that happens) while still having the repetition of the “rockin railroad” songs that are surprisingly catchy.

In addition to the amazing music and gym classes, they have art (a godsend for those of us that love to encourage artistic creativity, yet have panic attacks at the thought of finger painting in the house), dance, and developmental play classes.

A also spent the last year in what I refer to is my weekly window of sanity, aka KVU.  Twice a week for 2 hours I got to drop him off and leave!  I always knew he was completely safe and well-cared for.  And more importantly, he LOVED it.  The transition was so incredibly easy because he was so comfortable there, and now he yells at me if I come too early, which I find equal parts sad and hysterical.  (Also probably a bit of foreshadowing to when I’m ‘that mom’ who refuses to leave on the first day of Kindergarten and keeps volunteering while my son is like please, please leave.)

IMG_2820 (1)

I can’t talk about the greatness of Kidville without talking about the fantastic staff.  Mindy, the “Mayor” aka woman in charge of the magic is ALWAYS smiling (like we are talking Disney character smiling).  If I didn’t know her, I would think it’s all a sham…but she is genuinely happy and LOVES what she does.  The rest of the front desk staff know all the kids names, greet them hello, high-five them, and love on them EVERY time you come through the door.  The teachers/performers are talented, smart, loving, insanely creative and upbeat.  Added bonus, they have an exceptional staff of great male role models for the little boys (and girls) which is all too hard to find.  Spending the majority of his waking hours surrounded by feminine energy staying home, I love that A has had so many great strong, loving male role models in his classes at Kidville.

In a nutshell…the staff is great.  The classes are great.  The music doesn’t make you want to take an ice pick to your ear drums.  The facilities are the best around.  There really is no reason to go anywhere else because they have top-notch art, music, dance, sports, gym, developmental play and pre-k prep all in one happy little place.  Not to mention they validate parking for 90 minutes and are conveniently located within walking distance of Fresh Brothers, Whole Foods, Burger Lounge, and a non-toxic nail salon.

Basically, If you are looking for a clean, safe, amazingly loving place to take your kiddos…Kidville is hands down my #1 L.A. pick.  Seriously, we have practically LIVED there for two + years, and have loved every minute of it.

Kidville Brentwood –

11740 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 107 
(we validate parking!) Show Map »
Los Angeles, CA 90049



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