Things learned while apartment hunting

Just wanted to share a few things I learned while apartment hunting in Los Angeles:

1. Charming = we haven’t updated it since it was built in the early 1900’s, the floors creak, there may be dead people in the basement/attic, oh and it is highly likely you will get tetanus if you touch anything in the kitchen and/or bathroom.

2. Beverly Hills Adjacent = a VERY liberal term. I am pretty sure if you have an apartment complex in Tijuana you might be able to call it Beverly Hills Adjacent.

3. All realtors who do rentals are a little socially inept. ¬†After much discussion Micah and I have come to conclusion they are the ones who couldn’t make it selling houses, like the awkward step-brother or creepy uncle of the real estate family.

4. If there are no pictures – you would rather be homeless than live there.

5. Apartment hunting in NYC is rough, but add sitting in traffic and driving all over the world to see places in LA to the mix and it is downright torture.


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