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Why Afternoon Preschool is Awesome!

Ok, so if you live in a normal town, and you send your kid to “the” preschool nearby, this whole preschool nonsense will make no sense to you. But if you live in NY, LA, San Fran or another super exclusive preschool drama laden area, you will totally get the horror that is getting into (shudder) afternoon preschool. You see, the only way to get into morning preschool is to be alumni, a celebrity, or so loaded that you could feasibly…

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Family Living

I Got Kicked Out of Preschool

Last week we started preschool. Our preschool does gradual start dates, so only a couple of kids start at a time…which I love.  It’s far less stressful for EVERYONE (parents, kids and teachers) to slowly grow the class instead…