1. Why I’m Starting a Podcast

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1. Why I'm Starting a Podcast

A year ago, I had the idea to start a podcast. I had been hosting for Maria Menunous’ Afterbuzz TV and Book Circle Online for a while and I love just talking to people on camera, hearing their stories and sharing them with the world. So, when I was faced with financial and life uncertainty a year ago, I thought about what I really wanted in life. And the answer was, I didn’t know.

But, I knew I wanted to do something. What that something was, I wasn’t quite sure. I thought about how I felt like there had to be other people like me that were struggling with this idea of feeling like life was passing by without any direction. And I wanted to change the way I showed up in my life. I wanted to see if I made active changes, if I really could create the reality I wanted for myself and my family.

So I had the idea to launch a podcast – Rock This Life. A podcast where I would host conversations with incredible people that have overcome adversity, chosen a new path, been brave and bold and fought to find their best life – whatever that means to them. And in between those conversations I would talk about my own journey to figure out what I want in my life, and how I could move towards it despite my circumstances. How I could pursue a career despite needing to be a stay at home mom to three young kids. How I could help create financial independence for our family while unable to work full time. How I could find purpose and fulfillment on my own terms.

I am hoping that this journey in self-exploration and conversation will lead somewhere.  I am hoping that in doing this I can shift the focus of my life from figuring out what I want to ‘do with my life’ to just doing something and hoping that in the process I become who I am meant to be in this life.  I’m hoping that exploring an uncertain path will leave space for my authentic path to be paved by my own erratic footsteps. So here it is, my very first podcast about, well, why I’m starting a podcast. Enjoy!

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