3. Fail Forward

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3. Fail Forward

A good friend of mine once said she was a ‘fear based person’. And while it was intended as somewhat of a joke, I couldn’t help but agree that I too, am a ‘fear based person’. I look at any situation and immediately think of all of the terrible things that can go wrong (no matter how incredibly unlikely.)

Both my OBGYN and our Pediatrician, whom I love and trust wholeheartedly, have banned me from googling ANYTHING. Yet, I still find myself at 2am falling down an internet rabbit hole of worst-case scenarios.

And despite the many ‘brave’ choices I’ve made in my life, there are an unending amount of moments and choices crippled by fear. I have stopped myself before I’ve started. I’ve stressed myself and those around me out of fear and unwarranted anxiety. I am afraid of many things, but I am very afraid of failure.

Fear of failure is something that I think holds a lot of us back from really achieving our fullest potential…and it’s (for lack of better words) bull crap. Because when we let fear of failure take over, we inherently fail.

In today’s podcast I dive into my own fear of failure, and how I am actively trying to push past it one day, one step, one chance at a time. Let me know if you struggle with fear of failure, and how you help yourself to fail forward in life!

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