I woke up in Beverly Hills…

I woke up in Beverly Hills this morning.  True story.  This is my life.

How on God’s green earth did that happen…well It’s been a long two months.

Long story short – Micah got a job offer in LA working in music (basically his dream).  I initially said no, then realized (after a lot of crying and a little bit of anger) that I would be the worst wife in the world if I refused to let him take this job.  Micah uprooted his life TWICE for me; Once to move to LA to pursue my dreams, and then again to move back to the east coast when I realized after three years that I hated LA.  Plus, after much consideration, I realized – if we do actually plan on making some human beings, we should probably get going so we aren’t on the cover of Time magazine in their ‘creepy old people making babies again’ feature.  I sat down and did the math…in order to have 3 before I’m 35, then we need to start NOW since the big 3-0 is rapidly approaching.  (In case you are wondering: 3 is the perfect number of children – 1= spoiled brat, 2= both feel like you love the other one more, 3=everyone feels equally neglected….AND 35 is the official MILF categorization deadline – any older, even if still attractive, you become cougar status)  Unless of course I just do IVF and end up with all three at once – which at first sounds alluring (like ripping off a parenting bandaid and sparing my body from enduring three pregnancies), but upon further investigation, I was disappointed to discover that IVF is not only REALLY expensive, but multiples are considered high-risk, which means I probably wouldn’t be able to be a cute pregnant lady, and instead would be a beached whale – not cute.  SO…I thought about it, and weighed the scenarios.  If we stay in NYC, we are connected in a nice little community.  I have great friends that I would trust with my baby when I feel like I am at my wits end, and my whole family is a not quite short, but not quite long 5 hour drive away.  It seemed the obvious choice was to stay in NYC (especially since I adamantly HATED Los Angeles).  But then practicality set in and I began thinking about the logistics of the situation.  Would I rather be pregnant in NYC or LA?  NYC: tons of places to walk around, friends, no driving, 5 hour drive from parents….winter, snow, rain, humidity, subway stairs, strollers on tiny crowded streets and even tinier crowded restaurants…or LA: sitting in traffic, no friends, 5 hour flight from parents….sunshine, sunshine, beaches, sunshine, no snow,no crowds, sunshine…

Let’s be honest being pregnant and having a baby in LA is most likely the superior situation in terms of personal enjoyment.  So…I said yes.  And we moved.  Well we are still in the process of being moved.  But we are both in LA, we signed a lease for a cute little 2 bedroom in Beverly Hills off Rodeo Drive (pictures to follow as I have fun decorating)  Pretty much we are on a 3-year baby-cation…and my new goal/life plan is to get preggers, then become besties with the massive amount of celebrity moms here and become famous by default.  Keep reading my blog – cause this reluctant someday mommy is gonna be a big deal.

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  • Kieran Murphy
    February 2, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    just read this and the part about the number of kids and why is hysterical and completely true!