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South Bay Galleria Adventure to Santa

A couple of weeks ago, we got to fly to the North Pole and meet Santa Claus!  Thanks to Club Momme and South Bay Galleria, we got a chance to experience Adventure to Santa! A Dreamworks Dreamplace.  To say this…

Family Local

Teaching Kids About Giving Back!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach kids all about giving back!  Today we went as a family to The 18th Annual Film Freak Thanksgiving Food Drive to donate food for those in need.  Check out the video of…

Family Local

Club Momme & Fall Fest Fun

Beautiful sunny day – check. Lots of great moms, dads and kiddos – check.  Live music – check.  Cool new gear – check.  Great local services – check.  Good food – check.  Today’s 3rd annual Club Momme and Fall…