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Introducing Solids with Raised Real Home-made Baby Food

Like most things with baby number 2, starting solids has been a drastically different experience than the first go around. With our first-born, an unfortunate combination of me not making enough milk, him refusing the bottle and his weight dropping rapidly forced us to introduce solids at 4 months to try to keep him nourished. Starting solids was stressful and overwhelming. I knew I wanted him to get the best nutrition possible so I carved out time to prep all…

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My Struggle with Post-partum Anxiety

I’ve always been an incredibly anxious person.  But after having my son, my anxiety became out of control.  I had a traumatic birth experience that left me feeling like I couldn’t trust my body.  I felt like it had failed…

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Rockin’ Mama FIT: Prenatal Circuit #3

Let’s start off our week by FITting in a great prenatal friendly workout! These days walking to the bathroom for the 500th time can feel like a workout.  But staying active and strong will help you make it through…

Family Wellness

Toddler Sleep Training SUCCESS!

Do you hear that?  That’s the sound of a toddler soundly sleeping through the night…and it’s HEAVENLY! For three years we haven’t had a night of uninterrupted sleep in our house.  We haven’t had a night without a 2-4 hour…

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Rockin’ Mama FIT: Circuit Workout #1

I am so excited to finally launch our Rockin’ Mama FIT series.  A couple of weeks ago we hopped in the studio to film a 20 min prenatal fitness video, a 20 minute prenatal yoga video and three FIT…

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Afternoon Preschool = NO SLEEP EVER!

As you all know, we started preschool…and we are in the afternoon program.  At first I was super bummed about being in the afternoon, but then realized it was actually pretty awesome.  You can read about why afternoon preschool…

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Real Talk: Pregnancy Body Image

I have a confession.  I don’t love being pregnant. There are some women that LOVE being preggers.  They love their growing bellies and softening bodies.  They love feeling womanly and whatever.  I hear almost daily about how they envy…