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Pair: Sunglasses for Superheroes

Before I had kids I was adamant that I wouldn’t buy into gender stereotypes when it came to play. I was outraged when Pottery Barn Kids was clearly split at holiday time with play kitchens for girls and trains for boys. I found it ridiculous that gift guides were “boy” and “girl” specific. Clearly I wasn’t going to raise my son to think there were ‘girl’ things and ‘boy’ things. What I failed to realize was that perhaps society’s imposed…

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Family Style

Holiday Family Photo Shoot: What to Wear!

Every year we do a holiday family photo shoot for our Christmas card photos (that are usually sent in late January, because, well…life). We have them done by the amazing photographer Brienne Michelle who is the sweetest and always…


5 Ways to Rock Dirty Hair Days

Your last shower was longer ago than you are willing to admit. You might have breast milk in your hair…or maybe it’s spit up…or is it yogurt? It’s definitely yogurt…you think. The point is your hair is in a…


Celebrity Style Steal – Jessica Alba

 I love a good comfy casual outfit that still looks put together. When I saw this shot of Jessica Alba rocking leather leggings, a cute printed scarf, bright red pointed toe shoes and a cargo jacket…I fell in…

Family Style

The only 5 things you need in your diaper bag

Two of my close friends recently welcomed adorable baby boys into the world and became first time moms.  Talking to them has brought back memories of sleepless nights, marathon breastfeeding and feelings of overwhelming love mixed with undertones of…