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Going from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike without Training Wheels

Our son is 4 years old and can ride a bike. Like REALLY ride a bike – no training wheels, nada.  And the best part is there was maybe 5 falls in the one hour it took for him to ‘figure it out’ with barely any coaching from us.  Which is great, because riding a bike is one of those things you don’t realize is incredibly hard to teach.  It’s one of those things that despite how well you can…

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Family Obsessions

Getting our Preschooler to sleep with Sleeper Hero

We don’t sleep.  At all.  Haven’t in approximately 4 years.  We tried and failed at ‘sleep training’ multiple times.  We finally got our first-born sleeping alone in his bed right before the new baby arrived…and then it all went…

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Obsession: Basq Cooling Body Bliss

Every once in a while I go to blogging events and I get a bag full of stuff that I mostly never use.  BUT…every once in a while I stumble upon a new product that I then become OBSESSED…