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Small Apartment, Big Family…How We Make it Work

We have a 1 bedroom apartment, and three kids. Yup.  It’s cozy up in our home. When we first moved from NYC back to Los Angeles, my husband and I arrived with a couple of suitcases and some photos in tow.  We basically owned whatever fit in the car we drove cross country in.  We stayed at a cheap hotel in the valley and every morning we drove around looking for an apartment to rent.  We stumbled upon our place,…

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No, I’m Not Hoping for a Girl

No, I’m not crossing my fingers and hoping for a baby girl.  I’m not pregnant with a third because I am trying for a girl.  And no, I’m not going to keep having babies until I have a girl.…

Living Wellness

The shootings need to stop.

I saw an image this morning. It was heartbreaking. It wasn’t of bloodied bodies. It wasn’t of crying families mourning victims. Yes, those are devastating beyond measure. But this image cut through me. The reality of the insanity of…