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Friday Favorites: Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs

Machine Washable Rugs. Enough said. I could honestly leave this Friday favorites post at those three words – because, seriously, all rugs in homes with children and dogs should be machine washable. When I first saw a Lorena Canals rug and learned that it was machine washable, I fell in love with the idea, but was incredibly skeptical. We spot clean rugs at least once a day in our house, and even still I can’t help but feel like despite…

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The shootings need to stop.

I saw an image this morning. It was heartbreaking. It wasn’t of bloodied bodies. It wasn’t of crying families mourning victims. Yes, those are devastating beyond measure. But this image cut through me. The reality of the insanity of…

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To the MAN who judged my abilities as a mom

As a mother, I’m used to being judged. From the moment you announce you are pregnant, there is unrelenting unsolicited advice from friends, family members and total strangers. Once you have your baby there’s a constant barrage of opinions filtering…