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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Venice Child Strollers

Parenting is hard. It’s also incredibly beautiful, fun and rewarding. But sometimes in the early days, it feels so overwhelming. I was at the park the other day with the kids in the late afternoon. It had been one of those days when you just NEED to get out of the house or you might not all survive till bedtime. When we got to the park I saw a mom I recognized. I didn’t actually “know” her, yet I knew…

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Family Giveaway

GIVEAWAY: Ice Age The Great Egg-scapade DVD

Tis’ the season for sick days…which means way more screen time than usual. The little man came home from school feeling super exhausted Wednesday night and sure enough on Thursday AM woke up with a fever, runny nose and…

Family Living

To the MAN who judged my abilities as a mom

As a mother, I’m used to being judged. From the moment you announce you are pregnant, there is unrelenting unsolicited advice from friends, family members and total strangers. Once you have your baby there’s a constant barrage of opinions filtering…

Family Style

Holiday Family Photo Shoot: What to Wear!

Every year we do a holiday family photo shoot for our Christmas card photos (that are usually sent in late January, because, well…life). We have them done by the amazing photographer Brienne Michelle who is the sweetest and always…