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Rockin’ Mama Interview: Dr. Heather Hirsch

A couple of weeks ago I packed baby E in the car and left the boys at home to have a little girls weekend in San Diego with Dr. Heather Hirsch.  Heather, also knowns as my ‘bestie’ was in town from Ohio for the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Annual Meeting.  Yup, it’s a real thing.  Even though I normally hate driving any more than ABSOLUTELY necessary, I hadn’t seen Heather in person in almost 2 years since we had…

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Family Style

D.I.Y Spiderman and Green Goblin Halloween Costumes

How to make your own Spiderman & Green Goblin Halloween Costumes: There are certain memories you have from childhood that stick with you.  My mom always made our birthday cakes even though she could barely make mac & cheese…

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No, I’m Not Hoping for a Girl

No, I’m not crossing my fingers and hoping for a baby girl.  I’m not pregnant with a third because I am trying for a girl.  And no, I’m not going to keep having babies until I have a girl.…